Common Beech


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Common Beech
Fagus sylvatica

Best Features:

  • Very Attractive deciduous hedging plant
  • All year round interest
  • Mid green foliage turns copper in autumn
  • Supports food & shelter for wildlife

Garden Uses:

  • Fine specimen tree in a large garden.
  • Fashionable hedging plant.

These stately deciduous trees are grown for their fine forms and handsome foliage, older leaves will be retained through the winter. They are a popular choice for hedging.

Hedging: plant in a double row

Size (cm) Plants per metre
40-60 5
60-80 5
80-100 5
100-120 5
120-150 4
150-175 4 175-200 3

Hardiness: Fully Hardy

Soil Type: Well drained soil even chalk tolerant.

Position: Full sun or partial shade. For best colour place in full sun

Growth Rate: Average Beeches grow 12-16 inches (30-40cm) a year in ideal soil conditions. Eventual unclipped height 25 metres.

Planting time: In autumn or spring.


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